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Printing Double-Sided from Adobe Reader - Jamieson Cobleigh

About Printing Double-Sided from Adobe Reader

Previous Entry Printing Double-Sided from Adobe Reader Apr. 23rd, 2011 @ 08:54 am
I needed to print a document from Adobe Reader on my Mac. The last time I had tried this, I ended up printing single sided, even though my normal defaults are for double sided. This time, I was determined to get double sided printing. After selecting Print, Adobe Reader brings up a dialog that isn’t the standard Apple print dialog.

Fail #1: Apple provides a standard “Print” widget that even Microsoft Word uses. Why do something different?

Tried the "Advanced" button, no success. Stare at the dialog and realized that nothing on this dialog screams “click me for double sided”, so I select “Printing Tips”. This takes me to a webpage. Luckily I have an internet connection, but why not bundle this information with Adobe Reader? On the webpage, I find instructions for “Print double-sided”. I read the instructions and discover I need to hit the “Printer…” button. I hit "Printer..." and get the following dialog:

Fail #2: What is this dialog trying to tell me? It sounds like I’m going to be going to a dialog that isn't going to do anything, but I plunge on ahead because this is what the instructions tell me to do.

I hit “Yes” and get the standard Apple print dialog. YAY! Familiar territory. I select double sided and hit a button labeled “Print”. This causes the Apple printer dialog to go away and I’m back at the unfamiliar Adobe print dialog and nothing has printed.

Fail #3: Hitting a button labeled “Print” doesn’t print anything

Hoping that I waved the correct dead chicken, I hit the “Print” button on the Adobe dialog. Go to the printer and discover that it printed double sided. Cheer having succeeded. Curse Adobe’s Usability department.
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From:Paul Mailman
Date:April 23rd, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)

About par

It's generally a toss up for us whether Adobe Reader will print to our networked printer or not. On previous computer I got so annoyed I installed a freeware PDF reader program that does pretty much nothing but let you view and print PDFs -- but does it reliably.

"Complexity kills." -- Ray Ozzie, in his farewell message to Microsoft.
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