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Update - Jamieson Cobleigh

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Just a brief update:

  • reveilles and I have made an offer on a townhouse in Ashland, MA. If all goes well, we will sign the purchase and sale this week and close in July. This has happened a lot quicker than we expected: we went out looking for the first time on May 10 and saw 7 places, we went back to the one we liked best on May 13, made an offer on May 15, and had it accepted on May 17. This has been scary, but I don't feel like we're rushing.
  • We saw Iron Man this weekend. If you haven't seen it, it's one of the better superhero movies we've seen recently.
  • I saw Speed Racer this weekend (reveilles decided to pass). It's not the best movie I've seen. But, if you can suspend disbelief for 90 minutes you'll probably enjoy it. If you have any interest in this movie, catch it in the theaters, because the visuals were amazing and I don't think it will make the transition to home TV sets very well. I think the reviewers were unfair to the movie, maybe punishing the Wachowski brothers for The Matrix 2 & 3, which they deserve; but Speed Racer got (I think) unfairly criticized. I think John C. Wright's comments on the movie are worth reading.
  • reveilles and I went to see Jason Robert Brown's new musical 13 this weekend. It's having a pre-Broadway tryout in Chester, CT. I'd highly recommend this show. The music is upbeat, the story is well put together, and the cast and band are all between the ages 12 and 15 and are very talented and did a great job with the material.
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