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Belated Black Friday Shopping Post - Jamieson Cobleigh

About Belated Black Friday Shopping Post

Previous Entry Belated Black Friday Shopping Post Dec. 2nd, 2003 @ 10:20 am Next Entry
I meant to post this sooner but didn't get the opportunity until now.

I went shopping with my Mother on Black Friday to the Woodbridge Mall (NJ). We were only there for 1.5 hours, but this brief experience pointed out to me several things that I believe people should be aware of.

I was riding up an escalator behind a woman who brought a baby carriage onto the escalator with her (a bad idea to begin with). When she got off the escalator, she decided to immediately stop to talk with the person she was shopping with. Me, still being propelled forward by the escalator, needed to loudly say "Excuse Me" to her to get her to move before the person behind me was forced to collide into me.

Lesson #1: When you are getting off an escalator, remember that there are people on the escalator being propelled forward by a mechanical device who cannot stop just because you decide you want to talk with a friend.

My mother was shopping at Macy's for clothing for my niece and wanted to get there early because she had some coupons that would not be accepted after 11AM. The coupons stated clearly that they were not good on "Specials and Doorbusters". Everything in children's was marked down 15% until 11AM, which was considered by Macy's to be a Doorbuster. Unfortunately, none of the signs showing the 15% discount indicated that they were a Doorbuster, so the cashiers had to explain to almost every customer why their coupons were not going to be accepted.

Lesson #2: If you are going to have coupons that are not good on certain items, clearly mark what those items are so your customers do not get annoyed and your cashiers do not have to waste time explaining things to every customer.

For lunch, we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A to get lunch and wanted to bring something back for my father. We ordered 3 chicken sandwiches and 1 large order of fries. We paid for the order, received it, and as we were walking away, my mother asked me to look in the bag and make sure that the order was correct. I did, and found that there were only 2 sandwiches in the bag. We went back to the cashier and explained what had happened. He went and retrieved the receipt from the garbage which showed that he had only ordered 2 sandwiches for us, not the 3 that we asked for. We then tried to explain to him that while he may have only ordered 2 sandwiches for us, we wanted, and were willing to pay for, a third. At this point, it became clear that the cashier did not speak English very well, as his response to our complaint was to point to the receipt which showed 2 sandwiches. I began to get loud in my complaining, at which point a manager came over and gave us a third sandwich for free.

Lesson #3: Whenever possible, try to make sure that people who will be interacting with customers speak some English.
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Date:December 2nd, 2003 05:35 pm (UTC)
Oh how I feel your pain. I shop at the Center on a daily basis and I have encountered many of these creatures, especially Stroller Woman. Those things should be outlawed in crowded or confined spaces, and if I am correct, are completely prohibited on the escalators at Woodbridge. (If the kids ain't old enough to shop, leave them home and keep a good 12 year old gainfully employed.)

Unfortunately, at least one of those escalators is right by where all the little kiddies take their pictures with Santa, so Stroller Woman will be more than prevalent from now until 12/25.

One of my department's attorneys remarked that of all the places she went over the holiday weekend, Macy's had the best deals but the most inept customer service.

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