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Doomsday has passed... - Jamieson Cobleigh

About Doomsday has passed...

Previous Entry Doomsday has passed... Jul. 10th, 2006 @ 09:12 pm Next Entry
reveilles and I watched Doomsday tonight, the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who.
  • The fanboy in me was happier than I expected to watch Cybermen and Daleks fight. EXTERMINATE! DELETE! EXTERMINATE! DELETE! Neither reveilles nor I was surprised that the Daleks wiped the floor with the Cybermen.
  • After al of the hype leading up to Rose's death, I feel that killing her using a semantic loophole was very unsatisfying. I was prepared for her to die, I was looking forward to her dying (so I wouldn't have to hear that "Big Things Are Coming" anymore), and then to have her not die just didn't have any emotional impact on me.
  • After Love & Monsters, Army of Ghosts, and Doomsday, I'm really going to miss Jackie. Her character started to become really interesting (especially once she was "kidnapped" on the TARDIS). Now we won't get to see her again. >sigh<
  • When the Doctor opened the portal to the void at the end of the episode, I got really annoyed at how the Cybermen on the ground got pulled straight up into the air before heading towards the void. They should have moved diagonally towards the void, not been pulled up and then over. Also, the way the Daleks and Cybermen circled the building and all went in through the same broken window just annoyed me. I know it looked dramatic, but it went against the laws of physics too much for my tastes.
  • I loved the set up for the Christmas special. reveilles and I watched the bit three times, mostly to watch David Tennant say "WHAT?!?" in soprano.
All in all, I think last series was stronger. In it, the Doctor faced some interesting ethical situations, both in Dalek and The Parting of the Ways. This series felt lighter overall and I missed the philosophy. (FYI: The ninth Doctor was the first one I watched, which has influenced my expectations of the show.) Still, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in the next series.
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