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A Mighty Wind - Jamieson Cobleigh

About A Mighty Wind

Previous Entry A Mighty Wind Oct. 15th, 2003 @ 06:44 pm Next Entry
Not the movie, but winds between 25 and 35 MPH with gusts up to 50 MPH brought down a tree branch onto the rear window (again, not the movie) of my car, completely destroying it. Luckily, the replacement is covered by my insurance policy, but I really don't have the time to deal with this right now (not that I have a choice). >sigh
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
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Date:October 15th, 2003 05:55 pm (UTC)
That sucks.
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Date:October 15th, 2003 06:15 pm (UTC)
My sympathies to your car, but I did enjoy the oh-so-clever movie references you slipped in there. :)
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