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Credit Card Companies... - Jamieson Cobleigh

About Credit Card Companies...

Previous Entry Credit Card Companies... Feb. 18th, 2005 @ 10:17 am Next Entry
I received a Mastercard in the mail yesterday because the one I had was getting ready to expire. When I opened the envelope and saw the credit card, I realized that I had forgotten I had the card because I hadn't used it in so long. Since I don't need an available balance on my credit cards that is more than reveilles and I make in a year combined, I decided to cancel the Mastercard and also a Discover card that I haven't used in over three years.

When I called up to cancel the Mastercard, I gave them my information, and they canceled the account. It took about three minutes, most of which was spent on hold.

When I called up to cancel the Discover, the first person I spoke to couldn't cancel my account and had to transfer me to their "closure department". When someone answered the phone, I told them I wanted to cancel the card since I hadn't used in for several years. He then proceeded to tell me about all of the benefits of my card, offered to do zero interest balance transfers (I never carry a balance, so this didn't mean much to me), offered to lower my interest rate (but not lower than other cards I have), and so on. All the while I kept telling him "No, I'm not interested and please cancel the card." He kept telling me it takes a few minutes to process the cancelation and then would proceed to tell me about another offer, which, of course, I wasn't interested in. After about six offers, I stopped responding to his questions. After about 30 seconds he asked if I was still there. I told him, "Yes, I'm still here. I am not interested in your offers so I decided to stop responding to them and hopefully enjoy some silence." At this point, he told me I was "hilarious" and that "he was just trying to be nice" and then proceeded to call me "rude". Before I could think about responding, I heard him typing and then he told me my account was canceled and that I should get a letter in the mail about the cancelation in a week or two.

I can understand that he was just doing his job, i.e., getting me to not close the account. However, he was just too making too many offers and making the process far more painful than it should have been. Even if he had an offer that would have gotten me to keep the card, after turning him down four times and still not having the account canceled, the lack of good customer service on the part of Discover probably would have prevented me from keeping the card. But I guess you can be rude to customer you don't expect to have again.

In other news, I really like the "Just Keep Swimming" icon that reveilles made for me. :)
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