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Healthy Eating... - Jamieson Cobleigh

About Healthy Eating...

Previous Entry Healthy Eating... Jan. 1st, 2005 @ 03:47 pm Next Entry
reveilles and I try to eat healthy. When we are at home, we exercise 5 days a week. We don't count calories, carbohydrates, or fat, but try to eat low fat and avoid partially hydrogenated fats. We changed our exercise regime early last year and I lost over 10 pounds last year and she lost over 5 pounds. Overall, our strategy has been moderation -- we haven't cut out any foods, we just try to limit the high calorie and high fat foods.

This past week, we have traveled down to Georgia to visit some of reveilles' extended family. Until this trip, I never realized how hard it can be to travel and eat well. We have been to restaurants where it is difficult to find a steamed vegetable. One place served fried asparagus in a cheese sauce. At another restaurant, we ordered a salad to try to get something healthy, only to have it arrive covered in cheese and bacon. Last night, we went to a vegetarian restaurant in Athens called The Grit. reveilles and I were both so happy to be eating healthy foods. Not only was the food excellent, the prices were reasonable, too The noodle bowl I ordered for $7 was enough food for three people.

I love traveling, but I hate eating out all the time. I'm looking forward to being home, not so much because I miss home, but because I'm looking forward to cooking for myself and getting back to the type of diet that I like to eat.

Still, I have enjoyed getting to know reveilles' family better. We are currently staying in her uncle's huge home and, since they are on vacation, we have the place to ourselves. Their master bathroom is bigger than my kitchen. Each of their three children has their own bathroom off of their bedroom. The master bed is four feet off the floor and you either need to take a running leap or use a tiny set of steps to climb into it. While it is far larger than anything I would want to own, it has been nice having the place to ourselves so we can have a chance to have some peace and quiet on our vacation to rest and be together.
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